Welcome to Vintage Corporate

We are one of the UK’s leading arrangers of employee benefits packages, serving businesses large and small, and bringing added value to their workforce.

The essence of our business is to help employers communicate and manage employee benefits for their staff including workplace pensions, group risk and flexible benefit schemes.

We deliver intelligent, cost-effective solutions to clients seeking increased value from their employee benefits spend.

Clients range from owner-managed businesses that are predominantly introduced to us by our network of professional introducers to multi-site companies employing large numbers of staff.

Creating benefits that count

Good employees are the lifeblood of every business and they deserve to be rewarded and protected. Every employee is entitled to expect their employer to operate benefit and pensions schemes that are fully fit for purpose and offer maximum value for money. This is as important to the employer as it is to the employee.

Vintage Corporate has advised hundreds of employers to select and manage their employee benefits packages. With our extensive knowledge of the numerous financial products and services available, we create bespoke solutions in a transparent, unbiased, ethical and cost-effective way.

Every company is different, meaning there is no standard employee benefits package. It all depends on the demographics of a company’s workforce and the particular requirements of the individuals within it.

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