Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits and flexible rewards can play an integral role in a comprehensive employee benefits package.

They are a cost-effective choice for employers when you don’t have space in your budget but would like to set up such a scheme.

The Essentials

  • 54% of employee respondents believe their boss could do more to show they appreciate them (Reward Gateway)
  • Employees can choose to pay for the benefit using their salary
  • Popular voluntary benefits include season tickets, Cycle to Work schemes, discounted shopping and travel insurance

Why Voluntary Benefits?

  • Keep employees satisfied, engaged and incentivised
  • Support Financial Education efforts
  • Offer employees access to a wider range of benefits at optimal prices

How It Works

Our team at Vintage Corporate are highly skilled in arranging voluntary benefits packages for businesses of all types.

Our end-to-end process includes the following steps:

  • Consider key demographics in your workforce to offer benefits that suit those at different life stages
  • Build and assist with the roll out of a segmented, targeted strategy to clearly communicate the value of your scheme, engage employees and increase take-up
  • Place your benefits package in a competitive position above high street offerings

For more details on how we can create an effective benefits packages for your business, contact us today.