Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

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Did you know that Financial Wellbeing is the fastest growing benefit in the UK today?

It has already caught the attention of many of the world’s top companies, and Financial Wellbeing is recognised by HR, pension and reward leaders as the biggest growth area in employee benefits.

Vintage Corporate would be delighted to work with you in designing and delivering a bespoke Financial Wellbeing programme for your workforce.

An effective Financial Wellbeing package will:

  • provide employees with all the skills and knowledge they need to effectively manage their personal finances
  • give employees control over their finances
  • improve their financial wellbeing
  • better prepare them for managing company resources
  • help them to project how much income they will need at key stages of their lives
  • help you in turn, as an employer, with your own planning

Financial Wellbeing covers all employee benefits received at work, such as pensions, salary sacrifice schemes and insurance products.

It also covers issues that extend beyond the workplace, such as how to get on the housing ladder or deal with debt.

Why Educate?

According to research by the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation, employee distress over personal financial issues can seriously affect their productivity in the workplace. It can also can lead to illness and workplace absence.

A personalised and timely financial education programme will improve your employees’ understanding and confidence and organisation of their finances.

Over time this means less distractions at work, with employees better focused on their jobs.

It can also help you with your workforce planning, as your employees will be financially on track to retire when they – and you – expect them to.

Contact Vintage Corporate today to arrange your financial wellbeing benefits package and for more details on our specialist financial wellbeing workshops.