Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance

Did you know that 137 million working days were lost through sickness in 2016?

That’s 4.3 days for every person in the workforce per year, making Private Medical Insurance a valuable and essential employee benefit.

It’s a responsible and crucial decision to take care of your employees.

So, why should you choose PMI?

  • Maximise productivity by ensuring ill or injured employees are accurately diagnosed, effectively treated and back to work as efficiently as possible
  • Manage the cost of short-term illness or injury, as well as business impacts such as productivity, morale and profitability
  • Safeguard your business against employee absence
  • Access a powerful recruitment, motivation and retention tool
  • Offer a highly attractive benefit to your employees, especially those with partners or dependents that rely on their salary
  • Offer peace of mind to your employees to build and nurture strong relationships

With a huge range of plans available, we can include spouses or children, paid for either by the company or voluntarily by the employee.

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